Mia for Gmail

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Privacy Policy

Manner in which Mia for Gmail accesses, uses, stores, or shares Google user data:

  • Mia for Gmail's use and transfer of information received from Google APIs to any other app will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.
  • Mia for Gmail only uses secured https connections to the official Gmail API
  • Mia for Gmail can download your contact list (for auto-completion purpose only). This list is only loaded at runtime within the app. (scopes: contacts.readonly and contacts.other.readonly)
  • Mia for Gmail accesses your email address. It is needed localy for each email account that you setup. Email is stored safely in the keychain, along with your authorization keys (asked when you setup your account)
  • Mia for Gmail can download your emails, attachement, or send/reply new email. It is done at your request, and the content is displayed in a Mia for Gmail window only, or used to display your last email list.
  • Mia for Gmail can change the label of your emails, on your request. (ex: mark as read, archive, delete...)

Last word about the privacy policy:

  • Be assured that security and privacy is our main concern. All accessed and used google user datas are only used localy by the application, and is/will never be sent or sold to someone. We - at Mia for Gmail - don't even have access to all of your datas (including emails, messages, contact list). It's only loaded by the application at run time, and communications are only done between you and Gmail API.
  • Another communication is done on our own servers (miaforgmail.com and/or sovapps.com). It is only regarding the licence check/validation purpose.

Getting Started

Download and Install Mia

Mia is available on:

The 2 versions are almost the identical, however we recommend the non-Aapp store version: updates are faster and it's easier to configure Mia as your default mail handler.

Configure your first account

  • Open the preferences->accounts panel
  • Click on the '+' icon
  • Enter your email address and click on 'save'

A Gmail OAuth2 window will appear, requesting your credentials and authorization. Once that's done, you can start using Mia!

FAQ / Help

The menu bar

This is where Mia lives and you can do everything from there

  • Check now: force Mia to check for new emails
  • Go to inbox: open a browser and go directly to gmail.com (or to inbox.gmail.com)
  • Read your email, change settings, etc.
  • Compose: open the compose window and start typing! (your Gmail signature file will be included automatically)
  • Search, open the search window and search away! (premium version only)

Available email actions (press the ALT, SHIFT or CMD key to change the icon/action):

  • Delete
  • Archive
  • Mark as spam
  • Mark as read/unread

The Preferences->Accounts window

Gmail accounts:

  • Add and configure your accounts. You must use your main account (not the aliases). Click the blue '+' button to add more accounts.
  • The hand: select, drag/drop the account allows you to configure the emails order
  • Trash: Delete an account from the list
  • Refresh: Ask again for the Gmail Oauth2 authozitation (you need that if your password has changed)
  • Settings wheel: configure the account parameters (email, the browser you want to use, open an email with Mia or on the website, and the labels you want to see

Other Settings:

  • Notifications: if you want to be notified when you receive a new email
  • Open at login: auto-start Mia for Gmail when you start your computer
  • Hide status mail counter: will remove the counter from the top menu bar
  • Default action archive: will display the archive icon in the email list, instead of the delete button (click on shift/control/alt to change the action)
  • Default mail application: choose what application will be called when you click on a 'mailto:' link
  • Check every X min: Mia will check for new emails at this frequence rate
  • Black and white icons: to make it match with the dark theme :)
  • Thread counter: the number of unread emails will become the number of new threads
  • Ask before deleting: will ask for your confirmation (not in the email list, but when you read an email) before deleting or archiving an email

Versions and social buttons:

  • Tweet / Like: If you like Mia, spread the word :)
  • Premium Version: upgrade to the premium version allows you to configure more than 1 account, and to have the search window enabled
  • Refresh: restore the in-app purchase (mac app store version), or check for updates (non mac app store version)

Premium version / license

If you purchased the premimum version, and if the link included in your confirmation email is not working, you can enter you name and license key in the registration window.

  • Open the preferences->accounts window, click on the cart icon, enter your license (without spaces!)

* please note that if you don't see the registration window, it means that you are running the Mac App Store version. You need then to download and install the non-Mac App Store version (on miaforgmail.com)

Search your emails

Premium users can search in Gmail (just click on 'Search' in the menu).

You can enter any Gmail search term:

  • is:sent, your sent emails
  • label:XXXX, emails with the XXXX label
  • from:alexandra, emails sent by alexandra

A full description of the search terms are available here.


How to use external emails with Mia

Under Gmail, you can check email from other accounts.(follow this link)

Once it is done

  • restart Mia and go to the preferences->accounts window.
  • click on the setting wheel next to your main gmail account
  • Your external email should appear in the label list, enable it

Now you will see the emails of your external account in the list. You can also compose an email with it (the email appears in italic in the from field)

Please note that there is a delay for receiving emails (Gmail needs more time to fetch the emails from the external servers)


Some shortcuts are configured under Mia, there is currently no 'global' shortcuts

While reading an email you can:

  • + p : Print
  • ALT + + r : Reply All
  • + r : Reply
  • + f : Forward
  • ALT + + n : Previous email
  • + n : Next email

Composing an email:

  • + [return] : Send
  • + b : bold the selected text
  • + i : italic the selected text
  • + u : underline the selected text